We’ve set the dates for our spring workshops and Dig-ins. You can register below for Dig-in days that work for you, and you can check out our Seeds to Starts and Dig-Leader Training pages for information on those workshops. Meanwhile, you can join our Frequent Volunteer List to receive notifications for between season events that may pop up ahead of our regular Spring Dig-ins.

What is a Dig-in?

Dig-ins are our primary mission – this is where we gather with great volunteers like you and help others learn to grow some of their own food. No experience is needed – all it takes is a few hours of your time. Our primary Dig-ins take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings in March for spring gardens and September for fall gardens. From time to time we have projects outside of our regular Dig-ins, including some on weekdays. If you haven’t already, you can join our Frequent Volunteer list to receive notifications of these events. Groups are welcome (just contact us to work out the details) and feel free to bring your children, though we ask that you accompany young children at all times. Anyone wishing to get more involved should consider becoming a Dig-in team leader by attending our Dig-in Leader Training workshop.

2024 Spring Dig-ins:

  • Saturday, March 2nd from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Sunday, March 3rd from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Saturday, March 9th from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Sunday, March 10th from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Saturday, March 16th from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Sunday, March 17th from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Saturday, March 23rd from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Sunday, March 24th from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Saturday, March 30th from 8:45 to noon – Complete
  • Sunday, March 31st – Easter Sunday, no Dig-in

Here are photos from our 2023 Fall Dig-ins (click for more GCP photos):

What to do on the Dig-in day

Please be sure to check the website and your e-mail both the night before and the morning of the Dig-in, as it is possible that we may need to reschedule because of weather, ground conditions, or other reasons. We will provide all the necessary tools and instruction; you do not need any prior training. Please plan on staying till 1pm although most teams finish by noon. 


Dress appropriately for the weather and we recommend: closed toed shoes, a full water bottle, gardening clothes, gardening gloves if you use them (we also have some gloves available), sunscreen and a hat.

Where to meet up

We will meet at 1901 Matthews Lane in Southwest Austin.  Look for the bright blue house with yellow trim and a Green Corn Project banner on the tall chain link fence to the left of the house. The gate by the banner is where you enter the property. There is free parking on the side streets in the surrounding neighborhood just be mindful of driveways and mailboxes.

Volunteer check-in

After you arrive, look for a person at a table with a clipboard and please sign in and grab a name tag. It may seem a bit chaotic at first as we gather tools, sort plants, and bag compost, but someone will help you find a task. Once we’re ready and everyone has arrived, we’ll assemble, chat about the garden sites we plan to visit, and then you will be assigned to a Dig-in team. You and your team members will exchange phone numbers, make note of the destination, and travel to the garden sites (carpooling is encouraged). If you have an appropriate vehicle and would be willing to help transport tools and/or compost to the garden site(s), let us know when you sign in.