Our Mission: To help people with limited access to high-quality, fresh vegetables grow their own organic food gardens.

Our Vision: That Central Texans have affordable, fresh food grown in ways that conserve natural resources, promote self-reliance, and strengthen communities.

Green Corn Project (GCP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping low-income Central Texans grow their own organic vegetables. With the help of community volunteers, GCP installs food gardens for individuals and families in low-income areas of Austin who have limited access to fresh, nutritious food. We also help elementary schools, community service centers, and refugee shelters grow food gardens. Our volunteers, as well as our garden recipients, receive hands-on education in organic gardening methods. With these gardens, we endeavor to provide food, education, and a sense of accomplishment and pride for all involved in their creation and maintenance. 

Inclusivity Statement:  Green Corn Project has focused on our mission of bringing the benefits of organic gardening to Central Texans for the past twenty-five years. During that time, we have been committed to fostering an inclusive gardening community where individuals from all backgrounds, beliefs and identities who want to join us in our mission are welcomed and respected. We believe that gardening is a universal language that transcends politics and religion and that working side by side in the soil offers an opportunity to leave our differences behind and appreciate what we have in common, which is a love of gardening and a desire to give back to our community.