“Wow – 4 pounds of veggies from our spring garden! Thanks Green Corn Project!” -Daniel and Olga

“Thanks to GCP, the ASPIRE families were able to enjoy fresh veggies and herbs all year!  The tomato and cucumber plants were a HUGE hit and with all the rain the garden did amazing!” -Oddett Garza-Weatherspoon, Adult Education Coordinator, ASPIRE Family Literacy

“Working in the garden clears my head and relaxes me. Thanks to Green Corn Project helping me with a garden, I now control my diabetes through my diet.” – Ada Bolden

“The garden is going great. It has transformed our campus and my class is now very popular. On a daily basis, kids are working, planning, and eating things straight from the garden. Our students believe that Vista carrots are the best carrots, Vista has the best radishes, and string beans are now a snack. We are so excited for the next garden season. I want to do three beds that represent the continents of Asia, Africa, and South America. We are doing one bed that used the Native American 3 sisters method and two North American beds. We are also planning a small flower garden.” – Neeley J. Bornstein, MA Ed LBD, Student Support Specialist, KIPP Austin Vista

Louise Washington received her garden from Green Corn Project 7 years ago and now has 2, 4×12 beds where her children, grandchildren, and now her twin, great-grandchildren help her maintain and harvest great food. She told us, “this garden is best thing I could have given to my great-grandkids – they each water 1 of the beds and the other day, they had a fit pulling out carrots. They know their food doesn’t come from McDonalds”

“Green Corn Project led a team of volunteers and teachers in garden preparation and constructing new raised planter beds. Radishes, eggplant, snap peas, onions, and carrot seeds were planted with the help of the 2-3 year olds during their outdoor learning time today. A big thanks to Green Corn Project for their years of support!” – Paula Barton, Site Director-San Jacinto, UT Child Development Center.