Dig-in Leader Training

The dates are set for our fall Dig-in Leader training.

Dig-in Leaders are Green Corn Project’s most valuable resource! The more Dig-in Leaders we have, the more people we can help. We are always on the lookout for volunteers willing to take the next step and become Dig-in Leaders.

No prior gardening experience is necessary. The workshop will train volunteers on all aspects of being a Dig-in Leader, from garden preparation and planting techniques to efficient management of volunteer groups. Those who attend a workshop will then get hands-on training shadowing experienced Dig-in Leaders during upcoming Dig-ins. The goal is to have workshop volunteers ready to lead their own teams by the next Dig-in season.

Dig-in Leaders are encouraged to lead Dig-in teams on at least one, and preferably two days each fall and spring. Of course, those wishing to lead more teams each season are welcome to do so! If you love Green Corn Project’s mission and want to be more involved to help us reach more people in need, while learning new gardening and team leadership skills, Dig-in Leader training is the place for you!

Next Dig-in Leader Training

Saturday, August 24th from 9:00am to 1:00pm – Register here

What to do on the dig-in leader training day

Please be sure to check the website and your e-mail both the night before and the morning of the training, as it is possible that we may need to reschedule because of weather, ground conditions, or other reasons. Please bring sun protection, shoes with sturdy soles (digging in flip flops is no fun), water or other beverages, gardening gloves if you use them, and snacks or lunch if you want them. We will provide all the necessary tools and instruction, you do not need any prior training. Plan on staying till 1pm, although we may be able to finish a little before then.

When and where to meet up

The location is still being establish. Check for details and once registered, you’ll be notified by email.