Edible plant sale fundraiser for Fall 2021

When the COVID pandemic kept us from having our annual Fall Festival/Fundraiser at Boggy Creek Farm, we had to figure out some other way to raise funds. We settled on a plant sale, and we’re glad we did, because now, two plant sales later, we’ve decided growing (and selling) organic vegetable starts and seeds is almost as much fun as having a festival.

A pandemic silver lining? Perhaps. But whatever you call it, we’re doing it again for the fall 2021 growing season, so mark your calendar: Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm at Boggy Creek Farm beginning Sept 25 and continuing every Saturday through Oct 30, or until supplies run out.

All proceeds of the plant sale will help support Green Corn Project’s mission to help Central Texans in underserved communities grow more food gardens.

Many thanks to Boggy Creek Farm for allowing us to set up our seasonal plant sales on the farm. Be sure to check out their amazing just-picked vegetables for sale at the farmstand.

Transplants and seeds available on Oct. 23 at Boggy Creek Farm:

4″ vegetable seedlings: $2

Flash Collards
Amazing Cauliflower 
Belstar Broccoli (limited)
Black Magic Kale
Ruby Red Chard
Fresh Market Cabbage
Violaceo di Verona Cabbage
Kookaburra Spinach (limited)
Pacific Beauty Calendula (limited)
Bright Lights Cosmos

4″ inch herb seedlings: $3

Curly Parsley
Calypso Cilantro
Bouquet Dill 

Small Seed Packets: $2

Sylvetta Wild Arugula 
Touchstone Gold Beet
Red Ace Beet
Chioggia Beet
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Hercules Carrots
Little Finger Baby Carrot
Penelope Shelling Peas
Terek Green Kohlrabi
Kolibri Purple Kohlrabi
Ruby Streaks Mustard
Red Rover Radish
Red Meat Watermelon Radish
French Breakfast Radish
Parris Island Romaine Lettuce
Kookaburra Spinach
Super Sugarsnap Peas
Purple Top Turnip
Hakurei White Turnips
Red Poppies (Saved from Smith Elementary School)