GCP’s Garden Plant Sales

Since COVID-19 has kept us from having our annual Fall Festival/Fundraisers, we have been growing vegetable, herb and flower starts and selling them in the spring and fall at Boggy Creek Farm. All proceeds of the plant sales will help support Green Corn Project’s mission to help Central Texans grow more organic food gardens.


For growing and harvesting tips visit this page. And for the most current list of what’s available at each sale, visit this page.

Plant Sale Covid Protocols

Green Corn Project’s COVID protocols are intended to ensure the safety and health of our volunteers, as well as our supporters, so we appreciate your adherence to the following:
  • Wear a MASK if you have not been vaccinated.
  • SANITIZE hands before you begin shopping
  • Review available plants and seeds on the display table and then pack your items in cardboard boxes (provided).
  • AT CHECK OUT, place boxed items on the table so cashier can ring up your total.
  • Pay with credit card or cash.

Many thanks to Boggy Creek Farm for allowing us to set up our plant sales on the farm. Be sure to check out their just picked fall garden vegetables for sale at the farmstand.

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