Seeds to Starts Workshop

In this two part workshop we start many of the vegetables and herbs we use in our gardens. Join us for one or both parts of our workshop to learn how to start growing your own vegetables from seed AND help Austinites in need get access to nutritious affordable food. At these hands-on workshops, participants learn how to prepare soil for seeds, how to plant seeds, and how to transfer seedlings into starter pots. GCP uses the starter plants produced in these workshops in our gardens.

Next Seeds to Starts Workshop

Our fall 2017 workshops will be held in late summer. Check back for more information or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified.

What to do on the Seeds to Starts Workshop day

Please be sure to check your e-mail both the night before and the morning of the workshop as it is possible that we may need to reschedule because of weather or other reasons. For the workshop, be prepared to be outside and bring water and protection from the weather.

We will meet at 1210 Rosewood Avenue. Please arrive by 8:45am so that we can start the class promptly at 9am. We will assemble outside in the area behind the building. There is not a sign out front that says “Green Corn Project”, so look for the Civilitude sign. This map and photo should help you find us. If you come by car, there is limited parking in the lot so if possible, please park in the surrounding neighborhood, and allow a little extra time in your schedule to find parking. If you bicycle, there is a bicycle rack on the east side of the building you can lock your bike to. Please do not chain your bicycle to the entrance ramp rails at the front or back entrances, as this can block access.