Edible plant sale/fundraiser for your spring 2021 garden

COVID-19 kept us from having our annual Fall Festival/Fundraiser at Boggy Creek Farm in 2020, and we were disappointed, but we managed to pull together a pandemic-safe alternative that we’ve now decided is almost as much fun as our annual festival — an edible plant sale.

A pandemic silver lining? Perhaps. But whatever you call it, we’re doing it again for the spring growing season, so mark your calendar: Saturdays from 8 am to 1 p.m. February 27, and March 6, 13 and 20. For best selection, please arrive early.


All proceeds of the plant sale will help support Green Corn Project’s mission to help Central Texans in underserved communities grow more food gardens.

For the most current list of what’s available for sale each Saturday, scroll to the bottom of this page. We’ll update this list every Friday.

Many thanks to Boggy Creek Farm for allowing us to set up our plant sale on the farm. Be sure to check out their just-picked vegetables for sale at the farmstand.

Plant Sale Covid Protocols

Green Corn Project’s COVID protocols are intended to ensure the safety and health of our volunteers, as well as our supporters, so we appreciate your strict adherence to the following:
  • Wear a MASK at all times
  • MAINTAIN 6 FEET between other shoppers, or anyone not in your family or group.  
  • SANITIZE hands before you begin shopping
  • Review available plants and seeds on the display table and then ask a GCP volunteer to assist you with your selections.
  • Pack your items in a cardboard tray (provided).
  • AT CHECK OUT, place items on the table so cashier can ring up your total.
  • Pay with credit card or cash.
  • PLEASE BE PATIENT. We appreciate your support and will do everything we can to get you home safely and quickly with new transplants and seeds for your spring garden.

Plants/seeds available at March 27 plant sale:

4″ Seedlings
Yellow Pear Tomato
Cherokee Purple Tomato (limited)
New Girl Tomato
Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa Tomato
El Jefe Jalapeno Pepper
Shishito Pepper
Sweet Glow Pepper
Prospera Italian Basil
Siam Queen Thai Basil
Radio Calendula
Cosmos (Bright Lights)

Small Seed Packets
Old Timer or Purple Hull Speckled Cowpea
Contender Bean
Provider Bean
Suyo Long Cucumber
Ha’Ogen Melon (Israel Melon)
Petite Yellow Watermelon
Hill Country Red Okra
Clemson Spineless Okra
Costata Romanesco Squash
Tatume Squash (saved from Smith Elem.)
Cushaw Squash (saved by GCP Volunteer Michelle)
Cucuzza Squash (saved by GCP Volunteer Michelle)
Dishcloth or Luffa Gourd
Cosmos, Bright Lights (Saved from Smith Elem.)

Availability may change weekly, so please check back every Friday afternoon for up to date offerings. We’re still growing a number of plants that will be available at future sale dates (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, calendula, cosmos, basil, and more)!