Spring Dig-Ins

Our 2017 Spring Dig-In dates are set!

School gardeners  

Help us build and refurbish gardens around Austin by signing up for one or more Dig-In dates. Each Dig-In runs from 8:30am till 12 or 1pm.

Meet-up Location: 1210 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702 (map and photo link)



2017 Schedule

Spring Dates:

Fall Dates:

  • Fall dates are not yet set
Time: 8:30am till 12 or 1pm
Location: 1210 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702 (map and photo link)
More info: What to do on the day will help you best prepare. Dig-In archive has blog entries, photos, and a map of gardens built.

Green Corn Project is a volunteer-driven organization. We address issues of food security in Central Texas by building organic vegetable gardens at homes, schools, and community centers. During Dig-In events held each spring and fall, more than 100 volunteers work together with a trained Dig-In Leader and garden recipients to build these gardens.
For each Dig-In day, we need folks to help as Dig-In volunteers and Dig-In Leaders. Any Dig-In volunteer training you need will be provided on the day. You do not need to do anything in advance. For Dig-In Leaders, we offer additional, free hands-on training in the biointensive method. Click here to learn more about Dig-In Leader training. You are welcome to bring your children to a Dig-In, but we ask that you accompany them at all times.

What to do on the Dig-In day


Before you leave the house

Please be sure to check the website and your e-mail both the night before and the morning of the Dig-In, as it is possible that we may need to reschedule because of weather, ground conditions, or other reasons. Please bring sun protection, shoes with sturdy soles (digging in flip flops is no fun), water or other beverages, gardening gloves if you use them, and snacks or lunch if you want them. We will provide all the necessary tools and instruction, you do not need any prior training. Plan on staying till 1pm, although most teams are able to finish before then.


When and where to meet up

We will meet at 1210 Rosewood Avenue. Please arrive by 8:30am. We will assemble outside in the area behind the building. There is not a sign out front that says "Green Corn Project", so look for the Civilitude sign. This map and photo should help you find us. If you come by car, please park in the surrounding neighborhood, not in the lot, and allow a little extra time in your schedule to find parking. If you bicycle, there is a bicycle rack on the east side of the building you can lock your bike to. Please do not chain your bicycle to the entrance ramp rails at the front or back entrances as this can block access.


Volunteer check-in

After you arrive, look for a person with a clipboard and please sign in. After everyone has assembled, you will be assigned to a Dig-In team and you and your team members will travel to the garden site(s) together. As requested above, please do not park in the lot, even during this assembly period before you travel to the Dig-In. If you have an appropriate vehicle for it and would be willing to help transport tools and/or compost to the garden site(s), let us know when you sign in. If you speak Spanish and would be willing to help communicate with one of our Spanish-speaking gardeners if needed, please also let us know when you sign in. We encourage carpooling and ridesharing among volunteers, so please speak up on the day if you have extra room and are willing to help transport other volunteers, or if you would like a ride from a team member to the garden site.


Dig-In archive:


Seed trays Map of gardens built
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