Apply for a Garden

Green Corn Project (GCP) is a nonprofit organization that educates and assists people in growing organic food gardens. GCP provides the materials and education to establish gardens at homes or other living environments, schools, and community centers.

In order to receive a GCP garden, participants must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Those who are unable to purchase adequate nutritious food due to income or lack of access
  2. People receiving financial assistance from a government agency
  3. People with disabilities, including impaired sight, hearing, speech, or movement
  4. Schools or community centers that serve people from the above categories

GCP garden recipients must agree to:

  1. Be present at the garden site during the entire installation
    and replantings. The recipient should participate in these activities
    as much as physically able.
  2. Volunteer at a Dig-In to assist
    in replanting or building another garden for at least four hours (if
    physically able). Organizations and schools are exempt from this
  3. Take care of the garden plot. Gardeners must
    water, weed, plant, and tend to the garden plot for at least one year
    from the date of digging.
  4. Furnish proof that the agency or institution that owns the site authorizes the planting.

GCP agrees to provide:

  1. All materials necessary to establish an organic food garden,
  2. A team leader and group of volunteers to supervise planting during a Dig-In event,
  3. Educational written materials,
  4. Support for the gardener for two years (if the gardener remains active) in the
    form of a mentor and seasonal (fall and spring) refurbishment, with the
    gardener taking more responsibility each season.

To apply to be a garden recipient, please fill out our Online Garden Application form. Green Corn Project will notify you as soon as possible within the next four weeks or sooner if your application has been approved. An initial visit to assess the gardening space will be scheduled.