Fall Dig-Ins

School gardeners

Our 2016 Fall Dig-In dates are set and registration is open!

Help us build and refurbish gardens around Austin by signing up for one or more Dig-In dates. Each Dig-In runs from 8:30am till 12 or 1pm.

Meet-up Location: 1210 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702 (map and photo link)

Dig-In Leadership Training

Our 2016 fall Dig-in Leader Training is now complete - stayed tuned for our 2017 schedule

Dig-In Leaders are Green Corn Project's most valuable resource! The more Dig-In Leaders we have, the more people we can help. We are always on the lookout for volunteers willing to take the next step and become Dig-In Leaders.

Seeds to Starts Workshop

Seeds to Starts plant Our 2016 Fall Seeds to Starts workshop is now complete.

Join us for one or both parts of our workshop to learn how to start growing your own vegetables from seed AND help Austinites in need get access to nutritious affordable food. At these hands-on workshops, participants learn how to prepare soil for seeds, how to plant seeds, and how to transfer seedlings into starter pots. GCP uses the starter plants produced in these workshops in our gardens.

STS Part 1 – Saturday, July 23th - 9:00am to noon - complete

STS Part 2 – Saturday, August 20th - 9:00am to noon - complete

Location: 1210 Rosewood Ave, Austin, Texas 78702 (Map link)

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